SHS File Extension

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What is the .SHS file type?

The .shs extension belongs to the Microsoft (MS) 'Shell Scrap Object File' format and the respective file type. The Scrap Object format was used in earlier versions of MS Windows (prior to Vista) to store reusable fragments of text or other data as separate files with the use of the 'drag-and-drop' OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) technology.

An SHS file is a binary file in which a Windows shell script embeds arbitrary scrap or fragment data. SHS files are handled by a special DLL handler ('shscrap.dll') on a system level. A double-click or an equivalent action on an .shs file would invoke the application that was used to create the .shs file and open the contained scrap data in that application.

The SHS technology posed serious security threats because arbitrary executables could be easily embedded, and also because a Windows registry setting would always conceal the .shs extension. Malicious SHS files could be readily masqueraded into text or other harmless file types. A number of known Trojan horses and viruses exploit the SHS mechanism.

Starting with Windows Vista, SHS support has been removed.

Software to open or convert SHS files

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