WJR File Extension

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What is the .WJR file type?

The .wjr extension is unambiguously associated with the ReGet Deluxe Document (WJR) file type registered and used by ReGet Deluxe, an advanced download manager for Microsoft Windows by ReGet Software. Available both freely (personal version) and commercially (full version), ReGet Deluxe offers a wide range of tools for managing downloads, including speed limits, recursive downloading, archive preview, task listing etc.

ReGet Deluxe uses the WJR file type to distinguish its download queue files (.wjr). Such a .wjr queue file is a UTF-8 plaintext file that contains an XML-based hierarchically structured definition of current ReGet Deluxe user settings. This includes a list of current download and upload jobs, download category settings with respective local download locations etc.

WJR files can be viewed and edited in a text editor. By default, ReGet Deluxe opens with the same .wjr queue that was used last and uses it for all download jobs, unless a new queue is created.

Software to open or convert WJR files

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