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What is the .MS2 file type?

The filename extension .ms2 primarily denotes the MADRIX 2 Setup File (.ms2) file type and format used by the version family 2.x of the MADRIX LED lighting effects studio by inoage GmbH. MADRIX is commercial software that enables to design creative lighting environments for night clubs, dance floors, and similar establishments using the Digital MultipleX (DMX) interface. The .ms2 file is an all-in-one project container that stores a complete lighting setup authored in MADRIX 2.x, including patches, settings, and effects as well as cue lists (except video). Since MS2 is a proprietary format, such files can be opened in MADRIX only. Since MADRIX 3.0, a different format is used for setup files, as denoted by the .msz extension. When opened in MADRIX 3, MADRIX 2 setup files (.ms2) are automatically converted to the latest format.

Alternatively, the .ms2 extension stands for the SEQUEST Unified Peak List (.ms2) file type used by the SEQUEST protein and peptide search engine developed by J.Eng and J.Yates at the University of Washington. The .ms2 file is a text file that contains a series of tandem peptide mass spectra used as input data for SEQUEST. Together with the unified output (.sqt) files, the .ms2 files act as the compact and efficient equivalents of multiple individual .dta files. A number of scientific applications provide support for SEQUEST and its .ms2 and .sqt peptide search files.

In electronic music, the .ms2 extension is related to KMS Drums, a free-to-use VST plugin developed by Kailua Music School for both PC and Mac, denoting the universal, platform-independent plugin data file (.ms2). Distributed along with platform-specific libraries (.dll or .au), the .ms2 file contains the actual drum samples. For the KMS Drums plugin to work, the .ms2 file must be placed into a specific directory, depending on the platform ("..\VST Plugins\KMS Drums SSE.instruments" on Windows).

Software to open or convert MS2 files

You can open MS2 files with the following programs:
Maize Sampler
Maize Sampler by Maizesoft
MADRIX by inoage GmbH
KEYENCE VT Transfer Tool Ver.4 [ENGLISH]

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