SISX File Extension

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What is the .SISX file type?

The name of the file type represented by the .sisx filename extension is Symbian 9.x Installation Package (.sisx). Symbian is the name of a mobile operating system predating Google Android that was widely used on early smartphone devices manufactured by Nokia, Samsung, and other cellular phone companies. While not a full-fledged operating system, Symbian provided software management features allowing installation and removal of applications distributed as Symbian packages (.sis, .sisx).

A .sisx file is a software installation package intended for Symbian 9.x. Unlike its earlier counterpart .sis, the .sisx file's contents are supposed to be digitally signed and incorporate a certificate. The SISX file contains the digitally signed binary executable code of a mobile application that can install and run on a Symbian 9.x device. To install a .sis or .sisx application package, one can either directly copy the file to a mobile phone's memory or use phone management software such as Nokia Ovi Suite (for Nokia devices) or other, which often gets associated with the .sis and .sisx file types by default.


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