EGISENC File Extension

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What is the .EGISENC file type?

The filename extension .egisenc represents the generic Egis Encrypted File (.egisenc) file type associated with the use of data protection utilities developed by Egis Technology Inc. (formerly, HiTRUST Inc.). Such utilities include Acer eDataSecurity Management, MyWinLocker, BioExcess, and come preinstalled on new Acer notebook PC's. An .egisenc file is an arbitrary user file that was encrypted using an Egis Technology data security tool (e.g., MyWinLocker). The purpose of the .egisenc extension is to indicate the protected (encrypted) state of the file, regardless of its true format. The .egisenc extension is normally appended to the original filename at the time of encryption, and removed when the file is decrypted, restoring the original file type. An encrypted .egisenc file cannot be opened in any way without prior decryption, subject to the knowledge of the password that was used to initially encrypt the file. Strong encryption algorithms such as AES-256 are used by such Egis software to perform the encryption, and so restoring data from an .egisenc file, if the original password was lost, is not trivial.

Software to open or convert EGISENC files

You can open EGISENC files with the following programs:
MyWinLocker by Egis Technology Inc.
BioExcess by Egis Technology Inc.
MyWinLocker by EgisTec

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