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What is the .SH file type?

Files containing the SH file extension belong to the UNIX/LINUX environment. SH files represent an archive containing a shell script along with instructions on how to unpack its contents. SH files are mostly used by programmers and encoders on the first stages of software development.

Shell scripts stored in .sh files can be written for the Bourne Shell, Bourne Again Shell (BASH), Korn Shell or C Shell. They are saved in a text format and work similar to .bat files used on DOS and Windows operating systems. Shell scripts allow users to execute a set of commands that otherwise they would need to type manually in the command-line interface.

Scripts with the .sh file extension can perform a wide range of system tasks such as installation of applications or printing a text. Typically, they can be executed through entering the name of a script file in the command line. If your OS doesn't offer any embedded tools to open .sh files and run the related script, you may extract its contents with the help of a third party tool.

Software to open or convert SH files

You can open SH files with the following programs:
Git by The Git Development Community
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team

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