Opening EXT files

Have a problem opening a .EXT file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what EXT files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .EXT file type?

Most often, the .ext filename extension is encountered as a filename extension placeholder (short for 'Extension'). Such an interim extension is usually assigned to files that are generated programmatically when the original file type is not known, or discarded for some reason (software bug, misconfiguration, etc.).

Such behavior is not an unusual occurrence with electronic mail attachments, which would be then assigned generic filenames with placeholder extensions (e.g., "ATT00001.ext", "ATT00002.ext") instead of their original ones.

As the .ext extension does not denote any file type, the original type or format of the files sent in an e-mail should be known, or correctly guessed. For each of such files, the .ext suffix should be manually changed to a proper extension, once the files are saved to disk. Often, the internal format of a file can be determined by a signature at the file's header (a hexadecimal viewer required).

With Army Builder, the .ext extension is associated with the Extension File (EXT) format and file type. Army Builder is a commercial software tool (MS Windows/Mac OS X) by Lone Wolf Development designed to automate unit roster creation/management in popular online games.

An Army Builder extension file (.ext) is a binary data file that enables extending/supplementing data structures in the original data files without modifying them. EXT files are used with Army Builder as a means of customizing.

Additionally, the .ext extension is employed to identify the SQL Extended Properties Script (EXT) file type/format. Such .ext files are used as SQL development files in conjunction with various Microsoft Visual Studio products.

Software to open or convert EXT files

You can open EXT files with the following programs:
Army Builder
Army Builder by Lone Wolf Development, Inc.
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
HDHomeRun by Silicondust

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