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What is the .XPL file type?

The main association of the .xpl filename extension belongs to the XML Audio Playlist (.xpl) file type, with reference to the "Extensible Playlist" (XPL) format. A subset of the Extensible Markup Language (XML), XPL defines a standard representation for audio playlists. An XPL playlist (.xpl) is a text-based XML document in which audio tracks are referenced in a certain order by their paths or URL's. XPL playlists are understood and can be opened by a range of multimedia players.

Alternatively, the .xpl extension is used in association with the HD DVD Playlist (.xpl) file type. HD DVD is a legacy High-Definition (HD) video disk standard based on using physical HD DVD media with increased storage capacity, pioneered by Toshiba and abandoned in 2008. Each HD DVD disk must contain certain standard files and directories, among which is the "VPLST000.xpl" playlist file located in the "ADV_OBJ" directory. The .xpl file is a text-based XML file that controls the disk's interactivity and playback order. Its contents can be viewed in a text editor.

In the scope of X-Plane, a realistic cross-platform flight simulator from Laminar Research available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux, the .xpl extension denotes the X-Plane Plugin (.xpl) file type. A standalone X-Plane plugin (.xpl), also referred to as 'thin plugin,' is an executable binary file compiled as a dynamically linked library (Windows), a shared object (Linux), or a shared dynamic library (Mac OS X), depending on the platform. Placed into the "Program Files\X-Plane\Resources\Plugins" directory (Windows) or its equivalent, such XPL plugins are automatically picked up by X-Plane and launched with it. For plugin developers, Laminar Research provides its X-Plane SDK.

With reference to a freeware LCD tool named LcdStudio, the .xpl extension additionally represents the LcdStudio XML Playlist (.xpl) file type. LcdStudio is used to program various LCD screens, like those built in Logitech G-15 keyboards, to display arbitrary messages and graphics. Here, the .xpl file is an LcdStudio playlist in which XML syntax is used to define the order and duration of visuals (.xds) displayed on the connected LCD screen.

Apart from that, the .xpl extension stands for the XML Procedure Layout (.xpl) file type used in the scope of the RPC::XML web server module (author: Randy J. Ray) that implements the XML-RPC (Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call) standard. In this context, .xpl files provide remote procedure method definitions using a special XML syntax.

Software to open or convert XPL files

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