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What is the .SPB file type?

The .spb extension has its primary association with the Samsung Phonebook (SPB) file type and format. Samsung is a well-established top-tier trademark in mobile telephony/communication, especially in relation to its latest Android-based smartphones. Samsung provides end-user support for their devices, including PC/Mac connectivity software (Samsung Kies).

Samsung Kies uses the SPB format to store any phonebook (contact) data received on a computer during synchronization with a mobile device. On MS Windows machines, .spb phonebook files are usually located in the "..\Documents\Samsung\Kies\PIMS\" directory.

Phonebook files are saved by Samsung Kies in the same SPB format for different phone models, so any .spb contact data from an older phone can be transferred to a newer Samsung device via Kies.

SPB is a proprietary format meant to be used with Samsung Kies and Samsung phones only. However, with a known and widely published workaround, contact data in SPB files can still be converted into the standard VCF format.

Another occurrence of the .spb extension comes in association with the Sim-Prop Binary (SPB) file format/type, extensively used by Microsoft (MS) Flight Simulator X (FSX). FSX is a complex, advanced application that creates/runs realistic flight simulations. Along with other simulators, FSX is used by both aviation hobbyists and real-time pilots in their ground training.

SPB is a proprietary binary format used by FSX to store simulation properties for an FSX mission. In fact, an .spb file is a compiled version of an XML mission configuration file. Using SPB files instead of their XML-based counterparts will generally give shorter mission loading times in FSX.

Lastly, the .spb extension can also be used as a label for the openly specified Spectral Binary (SPB) file format. In this case, an .spb file is a binary image of 32-bit spectral data.

Software to open or convert SPB files

You can open SPB files with the following programs:
Samsung Kies
Samsung Kies by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Kies3
Samsung Kies3 by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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