GVG File Extension

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What is the .GVG file type?

The .gvg filename extension has its primary association with the KOMPASS Digital Map (.gvg) file type and format used by the KOMPASS desktop/mobile map viewer developed by KOMPASS Karten GmbH. Each KOMPASS digital map consists of two files: .gmp and .gvg, both saved with the same name using a proprietary binary format. The .gvg file is a small (several kilobytes) data file that provides a high-level representation of the map, while the actual map data stored in the large .gmp file. To access a KOMPASS map, one should open its .gvg file.

Covering many Europeans locations and countries and available commercially from KOMPASS Karten GmbH and its resellers, KOMPASS digital maps (.gvg) can be opened in both desktop and mobile KOMPASS Digital Map versions as well as third-party applications like ape@map.

Alternatively, the .gvg extension stands for the EVS/MVS Geology File (.gvg) file type and format used by the Environmental Visualization System (EVS) and Mining Visualization System (MVS) software from C Tech Development Corp. In this context, the .gvg file contains layered grid and elevation data of a geological model, saved in C Tech's proprietary format. Such EVS/MVS geology files (.gvg) can be imported in Groundwater Vistas, a groundwater modeling tool from Environmental Simulations, Inc.

Besides, early versions of GraphicWorks, a now-discontinued commercial interior design program by the former Data Becker GmbH, used the .gvg extension in association with the GraphicWorks Drawing (.gvg) file type/format. The binary .gvg file would represent a design drawing made in GraphicWorks 4 or later.

With reference to the Karrera Video Production Center professional-grade hardware manufactured by Grass Valley, the .gvg extension is assigned to macro register files. Each .gvg file corresponds to a Karrera macro register holding a macro, i.e. a pre-recorded sequence of actions.

Software to open or convert GVG files

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