SMMX File Extension

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What is the .SMMX file type?

The .smmx filename extension belongs to the SimpleMind Mind Map file format and the related SMMX file type. SimpleMind is a commercial visual mind mapping application for MS Windows/Mac OS X/iOS/Android developed by xpt Software & Consulting B.V. SimpleMind allows to build visually comprehensible 'mind maps' that are structured tree-like charts of inter-related concepts, reflecting a mental image of an idea, problem, or design.

SMMX is the newer native mind-map format used by all recent SimpleMind editions. SMMX is an XML-based format, and an .smmx file is a plaintext UTF-8 file with an hierarchical XML representation of a mind map through definition of all its nodes and their interconnection.

SMMX mind-map files are meant to be opened with SimpleMind. SMMX files can be freely exchanged between desktop and iOS/Android SimpleMind editions. XML contents of .smmx files can be directly viewed with any text editor.

SMMX is SimpleMind's internal project-type format, and for sharing such mind maps can be published into PNG or PDF files.

Software to open or convert SMMX files

You can open SMMX files with the following programs:
SimpleMind desktop Pro
SimpleMind desktop Pro by ModelMaker Tools BV
µTorrent by BitTorrent Inc.

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