EML File Extension

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What is the .EML file type?

The EML file extension is used by Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Mail and similar e-mail management clients and applications. It is assigned to email messages saved in a plain text format for the purposes of storing, archiving and transferring information to third parties.

An .eml document typically consists of two parts: the file header and the file body. The header includes the sender's and the recipient's addresses, subject, data and time stamps. The message itself is stored in the email body. Typically, there is just one message per one .eml file.

EML files can also contain hyperlinks and various types of attachments like images, video/audio files and text documents. Some mail servers may apply restrictions on the allowable maximum size of the attached files.

Besides Microsoft's software products, files with the .eml extension are supported by many other email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Mac OS X Mail. There are also email conversion tools capable of performing EML data conversion routine.

Software to open or convert EML files

You can open EML files with the following programs:
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail by Microsoft Corporation
Mozilla Thunderbird
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook by Microsoft Corporation

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