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What is the .SPD file type?

The filename extension .spd primarily belongs to the IBM SPSS Statistics Custom Dialog Package (.spd) file type. IBM SPSS Statistics is IBM's proprietary statistical analysis system, initially developed by SPSS, Inc. Since version 17, IBM SPSS Statistics supports custom dialog windows which are extensions of the application's base GUI. All such custom dialogs are saved as .spd files. Internally, the .spd file is a regular ZIP archive that contains one main XML file that defines the structure and appearance of the dialog, along with its supporting files. In IBM SPSS Statistics, custom dialogs (.spd) are created using the Custom Dialog Builder and installed in individual subdirectories of the "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\IBM\SPSS\Statistics\[version]\CustomDialogs" folder. IBM SPSS Statistics associates itself with the .spd file type.

The .spd extension is also used by the newer versions of the S Note note-taking application for Android devices by Samsung to represent S Note document files (.spd). For each handwritten or other note taken with S Note, a separate container file (.spd) is created. The .spd file is a ZIP archive in which multiple data objects are stored in Samsung's proprietary format. S Note documents (.spd) cannot be opened by any software, except S Note which is also available as a Microsoft Windows desktop application. From within S Note, notes (.spd) may be exported to PDF. Previous S Note versions used a different file format (.snb).

Standing for Security Policy Database (SPD), the .spd extension is additionally associated with the NCP Secure Client SPD Profile (.spd) file type/format used by the NCP Secure Client software from NCP Network Communications Products Engineering GmbH. The .spd file describes security policy settings and contains all settings required for a successful Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to be established using NCP Secure Client. When installed, NCP Secure Client pre-associates the .spd file type with its Profile Import feature.

Besides, the .spd extension represents the Radio-SkyPipe Data File (.spd) file type and format used by Radio-SkyPipe, a paid Microsoft Windows application by Radio-Sky Publishing for capturing various radio signals and sharing them over the Internet. Most commonly used in pair with radio telescopes to observe the emissions of Jupiter and other space bodies (e.g., NASA's Radio JOVE Project), Radio-SkyPipe saves its observation data as .spd files, organized in hierarchical trees. A single .spd file contains binary data that represents a certain observation slot. Such files can be opened in Radio-SkyPipe only.

Apart from that, the .spd extension is also used to denote the Sealed Adobe PDF Document (.spd) file type and the encryption format invented by SealedMedia (Oracle) for DRM protection of digital documents, now part of the Oracle Information Rights Management (IRM) technology. The .spd file is a sealed (specially encrypted) Adobe PDF document that must be unsealed first using Oracle IRM tools to be viewed. Such sealed documents (.spd) are used to provide purchased digital content for a limited time (usually, for printing).

Another use of the .spd extension is related to form•Z, a commercial multi-platform architectural design tool by AutoDesSys, Inc. Here, the .spd suffix is assigned to suspended rendering files (.spd) generated to store the current state of a user-aborted rendering, to be resumed at a later time. Such .spd files are saved, processed, and recognized by form•Z automatically.

The .spd extension also denotes the IBM Tivoli Software Package Definition (.spd) file type used by the Tivoli Software Distribution component of IBM Tivoli, a resource management solution for the IT infrastructure by IBM. Acting as a meta package, the .spd file is a text document in which a binary Tivoli software package is described in detail, including a list of actions to be performed on the target machine. Besides the dedicated Tivoli Software Package Editor, such SPD files can be opened and edited in any ASCII text editor.

In the context of the Micro Focus Enterprise Server, the .spd extension serves to distinguish the Stored Procedure Definition (.spd) file type/format. Created from the "Generate SPD File" tab in HCO for SQL Server (HCOSS), such files hold definitions of stored procedures based on schema files.

Software to open or convert SPD files

You can open SPD files with the following programs:
IBM SPSS Statistics
IBM SPSS Statistics by SPSS Inc., an IBM Company
S Note
S Note by Samsung
SPSS Statistics
SPSS Statistics by SPSS Inc.
PASW Statistics
PASW Statistics by SPSS Inc.

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