WRL File Extension

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What is the .WRL file type?

A short for 'world,' the .wrl filename extension stands for the VRML World (.wrl) file type/format. VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is a text-based (ASCII) format for describing 3D objects or scenes devised as a standard way to handle interactive 3D graphics on the World Wide Web. VRML has been superseded by X3D, a more advanced format addressing the same tasks.

A .wrl file is a regular text file containing a series of VRML statements. In order to be visualized and/or interacted with, any WRL file must first be parsed and interpreted by a VRML rendering engine. To use bandwidth more efficiently, WRL files often come gzip-compressed (.wrl.gz). Although any VRML world file can be directly opened as a source-code listing in a text editor, such .wrl files are normally created by exporting 3D models to VRML. When served on the Web, WRL worlds are normally embedded in HTML as objects.

Currently, VRML support is still part of the standard export/import features in many CAD and modeling software titles. A VRML world (.wrl) file can be imported into a CAD/3D modeling application or opened and viewed with a VRML-enabled web browser.

Software to open or convert WRL files

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