CBR File Extension

Have a problem opening a .CBR file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what CBR files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .CBR file type?

The .cbr extension is used in Comic Book Reader files to denote their function and format. CBR is not a dedicated file type, but rather a naming convention. Like all Comic Book files (such as .cbr, .cbz, .cba etc.), CBR files are archives. Each such archive would contain a series of raster PNG, JPEG or other images in a certain order, often grouped in folders.

All .cbr files are compressed with the proprietary RAR algorithm and are, in fact, RAR files with a different extension. Thus, CBR comic files can be opened with any archive tool able to handle the RAR format.

There are many dedicated CBR comic readers that are able to handle .cbr files directly and display the contained images in proper order and viewing angle. While such readers would be a preferred way to open .cbr files, a quick-and-dirty way to access a .cbr file would be change its extension to .rar and open it with any RAR-enabled archiver.

There is no default association for the .cbr extension in Windows.

Software to open or convert CBR files

You can open CBR files with the following programs:
CDisplayEx by Progdigy Software S.A.R.L.
ComicRack by cYo Soft
CDisplay by dvd8n
Icecream Ebook Reader
Icecream Ebook Reader by Icecream Apps
PowerArchiver by ConeXware, Inc.

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