TID File Extension

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What is the .TID file type?

The .tid file extension is primarily associated with the AVCHD Thumbnail Index (.tid) file type and format. AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) is a popular disc-based video recording format developed jointly by Sony and Panasonic for storing HD video recorded with their digital camcorders. TID files (in fact, one file named THUMB.tid) are created automatically while recording clips in the AVCHD format. They contain a thumbnail index of the recorded video for its faster and easier playback. TID files are support files that one can typically see when transferring AVCHD footage from a Sony/Panasonic camcorder to another storage, they are not meant to be opened manually.

In addition, the .tid file extension can also denote OpticStudio input data files associated with OpticStudio, an optical design and analysis software suite for Microsoft Windows developed by Zemax LLC. In OpticStudio, a .tid file is a data file storing different glass characteristics, such as its wavelength and temperature variations. Such files can be fit to define new glass types and add data to user-defined glass catalogs using OpticStudio's Glass Fitting Tool (Tools > Catalogs > Glass Fitting).

Moreover, the .tid file extension can also represent TruKnox transfer details files used with the Tru-i suite created by Indian-based developers TruKnox Technologies Private Limited. The Tru-i suite includes three comprehensive software modules (Tru-Designer, Tru-Scheduler, and Tru-Player) allowing users to design and view such multimedia content as presentations, digital posters, banners, etc. In this case, a .tid file stores transfer details necessary for proper data transfers between these modules.

Software to open or convert TID files

You can open TID files with the following programs:
Tekla Tedds
Tekla Tedds by Trimble Solutions Corporation
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
Tekla Tedds
Tekla Tedds by Tekla Corporation

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