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What is the .MTS file type?

The .mts filename extension is used to denote the MTS file type associated with video files in the proprietary AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) format. Files with the .mts extension would be natively saved by Sony and Panasonic HD camcorders. Other camcorder manufacturers (like Canon) also provide support for AVCHD. Like many video compression formats, AVCHD is a container format.

AVCHD allows using random-access block devices as recording media, and MTS files can be written by camcorders directly on memory cards as well as HDD, USB sticks etc.

An .mts file is an HD video recording with its video track compressed with the lossy AVC (MPEG-4 H.264) codec and audio track either AC3- or PCM-compressed. The usual codec choice would be AVC/AC3. A new .mts file is created every time recording is started on a camcorder.

Playback of MTS video files is supported by proprietary software provided by camcorder manufacturers as well as major media players, including Blu-Ray disk players. For video editing purposes, installation of additional AVCHD (MPEG-4) codecs may be necessary in some cases.

In 3D modeling, the .mts extension can be associated with the Viewpoint Experienced Technology (VET) Metastream (MTS) file format, a specially compressed XML-based format for storing 3D object definitions.

In digital music, the .mts extension is associated with the MadTracker Sample (MTS) file type and format, which are used to store waveform sound samples to be used with MadTRacker, an advanced digital music studio application.

In genetics, the .mts extension can be bound up with MEGA Tree Session (MTS) files created with the Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis (MEGA), a cross-platform advanced software used to test genetical hypotheses, build ancestral trees etc. A MEGA .mts file is a computed output of an ancestral analysis session.

Software to open or convert MTS files

You can open MTS files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
GOM Player
GOM Player by Gretech Corporation
KMPlayer by PandoraTV

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