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What is the .TS3STYLE file type?

Often misspelled as .ts3style, the verbose filename extension .ts3_style denotes the TeamSpeak 3 Style Package (.ts3_style) file type and belongs to a family of .ts3_[nnn] extensions associated with TeamSpeak 3. TeamSpeak 3 (TS3) is a widely popular VOIP (Voice-Over-IP) communication solution developed for multiple platforms by TeamSpeak Systems GmbH. TS3 supports a variety of add-on modules (plugins, icon packs, themes, styles, etc.).

A .ts3_style file represents a TeamSpeak 3 style package to apply a different visual style to the TS3 Client's GUI. It is a regular ZIP archive that contains the style definition (package.ini) along with the CSS-like stylesheets (.qss) and graphic resources (.jpg, .png) organized in a directory tree. Like other TeamSpeak 3 add-ons, style packages can be installed by simply opening the .ts3_style file and following the prompts of the TeamSpeak 3 Package Installer, or extracting the contents of the .ts3_style archive directly to the Styles folder in the TS3 Client installation directory. A huge selection of TeamSpeak 3 add-ons (incl. styles) is available on the official TeamSpeak community forum.


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