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What is the .MBP file type?

Primarily, the .mbp extension represents the Mobipocket Highlights/Annotations File (.mbp) file format and type. A subsidiary of Amazon, Mobipocket is the developer of the popular HTML-based MOBI e-book file format understood by most e-book reader devices and software.

The .mbp file is a small (~1 Kb) binary storage of annotations, highlights, and/or notes automatically created when a Mobipocket e-book (.mobi, .azw) is first opened on an Amazon Kindle device. Updated in the process of reading, the MBP file has the same filename and is located in the same directory as its respective e-book file. The MBP file is not an e-book itself, but rather a metafile not intended to be opened directly. MBP files created by different e-book readers may not be entirely compatible.

In addition to MBP, Mobipocket e-books on a Kindle usually have several other metafiles: .apnx (page number information), .ea (end-of-book suggestions, gzipped), and .han (text metadata). When copying a Mobipocket e-book, one should include its metafiles as well.

Besides, the .mbp extension also represents the CyberLink Movie Disk Burning Project (.mbp) file type/format, with reference to CyberLink MediaShow, a proprietary multimedia authoring and CD/DVD burning tool by CyberLink. In this context, an .mbp file is a complete list of video clips and transition effects included in a movie-disk project authored with CyberLink MediaShow. The MBP file contains no actual multimedia data, but provides references to external source files. MBP project files can be opened, edited, and burned onto optical media using CyberLink MediaShow.

Another occurrence of the .mbp extension relates to the MAGIX Burn Project (.mbp) file type, with particular reference to MAGIX Speed, a commercial CD/DVD/Blu-ray authoring software by MAGIX. Here, an .mbp file is a burning project, a text-only hierarchical XML-like list of all files and folders selected to be burned onto an optical disk. MBP project files are saved by default into the "(My) Documents\MAGIX Projects" folder.

Additionally, the .mbp extension occurs in association with the MyBackup Backup Database (.mbp) file type/format. MyBackup (Pro) is a proprietary Android application by RerWare LLC that allows to backup user content from an Android device onto a cloud or external storage such as an SD card. Here, the .mbp file is a single SQLite database containing user data. Apart from MyBackup (Pro), .mbp databases can be limitedly read and processed by several SQLite viewers on different OS'es.

Software to open or convert MBP files

You can open MBP files with the following programs:
CyberLink MediaShow
CyberLink MediaShow by CyberLink Corp.
MAGIX Speed burnR (MSI)
MAGIX Speed burnR (MSI) by MAGIX Software GmbH
MAGIX Speed burnR
MAGIX Speed burnR by MAGIX Software GmbH
MAGIX Speed burnR (MSI)

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