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What is the .VIS file type?

The primary association of the .vis extension is bound up with the Visual Importer Script (VIS) file type and format. Visual Importer is a commercial utility by for MS Windows to import data into various databases, using multiple database drivers/clients. Visual Importer offers its own scripting platform that allows to program custom data import actions. VIS is a plaintext format used by Visual Importer to store script files.

In this context, a .vis file is a simple text file containing a Virtual Importer script in a C-like scripting language. Such scripts can be understood, processed and run by Visual Importer. VIS scripts are meant to be edited in a text editor with a reference to the scripting language specification.

In relation to VISKompakt, a business process and paperwork management solution from PDV-Systeme, the .vis extension is paired up with the Object Description (VIS) file type and assigned to plaintext object description files (.vis).

The .vis extension can also denote the Visualizer Format (.vis) used in conjunction with Intelligent Miner, a data mining tool in the scope of the IBM DB2 InfoSphere business intelligence framework. A .vis file is a binary space-efficient compressed file that stores Intelligent Miner model data.

Differently, the .vis extension can also appear in the area of applied nuclear research, being assigned to visualization data files (.vis) representing electron density (iso-)surfaces and/or Fukui function surfaces. Such .vis files are created/used for visualization purposes in the Jaguar/Maestro research software by Schrödinger.

In the area of industrial automation, the .vis extension can be encountered in visualization language files (.vis) used by the Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) software. A .vis file is a plaintext file that defines names of different elements of the TwinCAT PLC visual interface in several human languages.

In applied robotics, the .vis extension is used in Epson RC+ Vision Guide module files (.vis). RC+ is a software platform by Epson used to program and control industrial robots, using a machine vision technology implemented through robot-mounted cameras and the Epson Vision Guide software.

In flight simulation software such as MS Flight Simulator and other, the .vis extension refers to the Visibility Image (VIS) file type and format. Such .vis files are plaintext files used to store visibility settings for maps and environment during flight simulation sessions.

In relation to the Visionaire visual adventure game editor, the .vis extension is assigned to main output files (.vis) that are binary files containing the compiled and compressed visual game data.

Aside from the above, the .vis extension was used by several legacy 3D modeling and visualization software titles in their binary data files.

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