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What is the .TOC file type?

The primary association of the .toc filename extension goes together with the LaTeX Table of Contents File (.toc) file type. LaTeX is a powerful desktop typesetting system, a macro-package expansion of the 'plain' TeX typesetting language. Both TeX and LaTeX are free software, chiefly used in academic and scientific circles.

In LaTeX, a .toc file is a metafile that represents a table of contents built against a given LaTeX document. It contains a list of headings present in the document. TOC files are generated automatically as a result of the "\tableofcontents" command. Like other TeX/LaTeX source files, .toc files are completely text-based. Any LaTeX .toc file can be opened (and modified) with a text editor.

The .toc extension is also related to World of Warcraft (WoW), a popular MMORPG by Blizzard, being used as a label for add-on manifest (table of contents) files (.toc). In WoW, a .toc file provides description and loading instructions for a WoW add-on. It is a regular text file that contains references to .xml and .lua files, comments (single ♯) and TOC tags (double ♯). The name of a .toc file must match the name of the add-on, while the .toc file must be placed into the "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\[Add-on_name]" directory.

Referring to Eudora, a discontinued commercial e-mail client for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X by Qualcomm with its latest version released as open source, the .toc extension is bound up with the Eudora Mailbox Table of Contents (.toc) file type/format. A .toc file is a complete listing of contents of a mailbox file (.mbx), generated and updated automatically by Eudora. Corrupted or out-of-sync TOC index files can be safely removed to fix mailbox issues, as such .toc files will be re-created the next time Eudora is launched.

Brasero, a GNOME CD/DVD burning tool on GNU/Linux, applies the .toc filename suffix to label the Table of Contents files (.toc) within the BIN/TOC image format that Brasero uses to save CD/DVD images. A .toc file is a small text file that contains metadata for the actual image file (.bin). BIN/TOC is similar to the more common BIN/CUE image format.

Along the same line, the .toc extension is generally used to convey the 'Table of Contents' meaning, denoting tables of contents, directory and file lists, summaries, inventories, or other files of different internal formats bearing a similar function. Most commonly, a generic .toc file is a text file that can be viewed with a text editor. TOC files are generated automatically by applications that use them and are not meant for direct editing.

Software to open or convert TOC files

You can open TOC files with the following programs:
WinEdt by WinEdt Team
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team
TOCCATA by Rubisoft Software GmbH
LEd by

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