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What is the .TST file type?

The .tst extension is primarily associated with the ExamView Test Document (TST) file type/format. ExamView is a comprehensive software and hardware assessment solution (MS Windows/Mac OS) for educational institutions by eInstruction Corporation. ExamView is widely used by US schools, colleges/universities as well as corporations to routinely manage knowledge assessment tasks.

An ExamView .tst file is a project file that contains a complete editable representation of a knowledge assessment test. TST test project files are used to prepare and compile tests that are administered to students (employees).

TST files use a proprietary binary file format and are meant to be opened with ExamView only. From ExamView, TST tests can be exported to other applications and/or formats.

In educational environments, the .tst extension can also be associated with the TestGen Test (TST) file type/format used by TestGen, a commercial test generation application for educational organizations by Pearson (Tamarack Software, Inc.). A TestGen .tst file is a project file that must be created for each test unit.

In connection with Scilab, an open-source multi-platform application for scientific computations, the .tst extension is used with test script files (.tst). Those are plaintext files with scripted sequences of actions used to perform diagnostic runs. Each test run yields a .dia diagnostics file to be compared with a test reference file (.ref).

Pro/Engineer, a highly complex industrial CAD system, uses the .tst extension for some of its temporary ('turd') files created in relation to the currently active project. Pro/Engineer offers a user's option to turn on/off display of 'turd' files in file management windows.

The .tst extension can additionally be used with pre-configured standard test files used by TestPoint, which is a test and measurement application design tool for MS Windows by Measurement Computing. A selection of .tst test presets is available with TestPoint for inclusion into user applications.

With TagScanner, a freeware music library organizer and advanced tag editor for MS Windows by Andrey Serkov, the .tst extension is used to label TagScanner text transformation script files (.tst). Such .tst files are plaintext and contain specific variable definitions that are part of the program's string/text manipulation scripts.

Software to open or convert TST files

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