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What is the .MCF file type?

The .mcf extension is primarily used together with the proprietary Mein CEWE Fotobuch (My CEWE Photobook) Project file format and the associated MCF file type. Mein CEWE Fotobuch is a major German photobook (calendar etc.) printing service with online ordering through a multi-platform client application (MS Windows/Mac OS/Linux).

With Mein CEWE Fotobuch, an .mcf file is a small-sized photobook project file that defines the design of a photobook and holds references to all images included in the project. The actual images must be included with the .mcf project file, or uploaded via an online printing order. There are utilities that can convert MCF projects directly into PDF files for preview purposes.

With Mimio Studio, a MimioClassroom application (Windows/Mac OS/Linux) by Mimio, the .mcf extension serves as a label for the Mimio Studio Interactive Lesson Unit (MCF) format and file type. MimioClassroom is a comprehensive interactive-teaching solution for educational environments of different levels.

An .mcf file is a container file, a compressed archive with all of the unit's teaching materials, including individual lesson files (.ink), images, embedded office document files, etc. MCF unit files can be opened with Mimio applications (e.g., Mimio Gallery) and shared on the MimioConnect network.

The .mcf extension can also be encountered in association with the MasterCook Cookbook (MCF) file format and type. The default format in the now outdated earlier releases of MasterCook (4.x, or earlier), MCF has been replaced by the newer MC2/MCX cookbook file format. Older .mcf cookbooks can be opened and converted in current versions of MasterCook, a subscription-based cooking-recipe organizer application and content-delivery service.

Another occurrence of the .mcf extension has to do with font definition files used by Watchtower Library (also known as JW Library). Watchtower Library is an official application by Jehovah's Witnesses, available on several platforms for browsing and reading religious, mainly Bible-related, materials from the online Watchtower Library.

Referring to the Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) technology by Microsoft, the .mcf extension serves to denote the Manifest Configuration File (MCF) file format and type. An .mcf file is a plaintext file with configuration options, against which an application manifest is generated. Such MCF files are developer's files.

With reference to Mathcad, an industry-standard engineering calculations suite by PTC, the .mcf extension is used to identify Mathcad font files. Such .mcf fonts are Mathcad-specific files that contain character representation data for correct display of mathematical formulas.

Lastly, the .mcf extension can also denote the Multimedia Container Format (MCF). A direct predecessor of the popular Matroska (MKV) container format, MCF introduced the concept of incorporating multiple differently encoded audio and video streams in a single media file (.mcf). Since 2004, MCF has been abandoned by its developers, partially in favor of MKV.

Software to open or convert MCF files

You can open MCF files with the following programs:
dm-Fotowelt by CEWE Stiftung u Co. KGaA
Mein CEWE FOTOBUCH by CEWE Stiftung u Co. KGaA
Lenovo Photos
Lenovo Photos by CEWE COLOR AG u Co. OHG
OnlineFotoservice by CEWE Stiftung u Co. KGaA
Pixum Fotowelt
Pixum Fotowelt by CEWE Stiftung u Co. KGaA

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