UBOX File Extension

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What is the .UBOX file type?

The .ubox extension is definitively linked to Universe Sandbox, a realistic 3D space exploration and simulation software (both free and commercial) for Microsoft Windows. The Universe Sandbox Simulation (UBOX) file type is used to store simulation setups.

A .ubox file is a ZIP archive (Deflate) with one or more XML files that actually define the simulation's behavior. A number of .ubox simulation files are provided with Universe Sandbox (located in the "Program Files\Universe Sandbox\Simulations" directory).

One can create a new UBOX simulation from within Universe Sandbox or edit a copy of the existing simulation files. This can be done by changing the file's extension to .zip, extracting .xml files, editing them, packing them into a .zip archive and changing the archive's extension back to .ubox. Any ZIP-enabled archive manager can be used to view/extract contents of an .ubox file. Universe Sandbox provides reference to its XML-based simulation format.

Upon installation, Universe Sandbox registers the UBOX file type and associates it with itself, so UBOX files can be opened with a double-click.

Software to open or convert UBOX files

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