SDLPROJ File Extension

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What is the .SDLPROJ file type?

The filename extension .sdlproj represents the SDL Trados Studio Project (.sdlproj) file type that belongs to SDL Trados Studio (formerly, Trados by Trados GmbH), a world-class commercial CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) solution by SDL. Intended for professional translators, SDL Trados Studio provides a wealth of translator's tools and uses several XML-based formats of its own to handle translation data, projects included.

An .sdlproj file is an SDL Trados Studio translation project. It is a single XML document that binds together source and target languages, document segments, translation memories, metadata, and more. The SDLPROJ file does not stand alone, but comes with a set of associated folders and files in them that hold the actual project's data. Once an .sdlproj file is opened, the associated project is loaded in SDL Trados Studio and added to the project list, allowing further actions such as importing return packages (.sdlrpx). When SDL Trados Studio is forcibly shutdown, or if it encounters runtime faults while writing to an .sdlproj project file, the file often becomes corrupted and cannot subsequently be opened. In such cases, the project has to be re-created. Like other SDL Trados Studio-specific file types, the .sdlproj file type gets pre-associated with this software, once it is installed.


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