VDS File Extension

Have a problem opening a .VDS file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what VDS files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .VDS file type?

The .vds extension is tied up with the SAP Visual Design Stream (VDS) file format and the respective file type. Initially developed and promoted by Right Hemisphere through its Deep Exploration (now, SAP Visual Enterprise Author) comprehensive 3D visualization tool, VDS (formerly, Deep Vision) is now part of the SAP Visual Enterprise Technology (VET) solution.

VDS is a proprietary 3D format for complex 3D CAD projects that gives the ability to navigate, search, and otherwise visually manipulate selectable objects within massive 3D assemblies. VDS supports realtime streaming in the process of viewing/editing, dynamically loading the data needed at the moment.

A .vds file is a 3D scene in the VDS format. VDS files can be authored with several SAP VET tools (Visual Enterprise Generator, etc.) as well as obtained by converting from other 3D model formats.

VDS files can be opened and viewed with the free-to-use SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer tool, available for desktop (MS Windows/Mac OS X) and mobile (iOS/Android) platforms. SAP also provides an SDK to enable support of the VDS format in user applications.

Software to open or convert VDS files

You can open VDS files with the following programs: 

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