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What is the .PSC file type?

The .psc filename extension primarily stands for the Navicat Compressed Database Backup (.psc, .psb) file type and format. Navicat, a major commercial cross-platform GUI-based database server management and administration tool from PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd., uses a proprietary compressed format to save its database backups. The .psc file is a MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite or other database backup made from within Navicat. By default, Navicat saves .psc/.psb backups into the settings directory of the current DB server. PSC (and .psb) backups can be restored in Navicat only.

Apart from that, the .psc extension also denotes the Lidl-Fotos Warenkorb File (.psc) file type/format. Lidl-Photos is a freeware offered by as a convenience to its users, enabling them to order photo prints, photo albums, and other personalized merchandise. A Lidl-Fotos Warenkorb ('Shopping cart' in German) saves the status of one's photobook and/or other orders prepared in the Lidl-Fotos software. It is a compact binary data file with the "IPC" signature in its header. By default, Lidl-Fotos saves its shopping-cart as "Warenkorb.psc" in the current user's "Documents" folder. The PSC file type is automatically registered and associated with Lidl-Fotos during installation.

Another role of the .psc extension has to do with the Skyrim Papyrus Script (.psc) file type. Papyrus is a scripting language specifically developed by Bethesda Softworks for their open-world role-playing game (RPG) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda Softworks offers Skyrim users a free official modding tool named Creation Kit incorporating Papyrus. The .psc file is a regular text file with the source code of a Papyrus script. Authored for the Creation Kit, such script files (.psc) must be named after their ScriptName and are placed into the "Data\Scripts\Source" directory of the Skyrim installation folder, to be further compiled and used in the game.

The .psc extension also designates PractiScore shooting match files (.psc). PractiScore from NiftyBytes is a free iOS/Android shooting match scoring application that produces resulting scores as PSC files. The .psc file is a regular ZIP archive with two JSON databases inside. Since PractiScore is often used in pair with USPSA's EzWinScore application, there are third-party converters to translate EzWinScore databases into the PSC format.

Additionally, the .psc extension goes together with the TMS Pascal Script (.psc) file type, the .psc file being a plain text file with the source code of a TMS Scripter script in the Pascal syntax. TMS Scripter Studio Pro is a commercial tool from TMS Software for Microsoft Windows developers that allows to add user-side scripting features to Delphi applications. PSC Pascal scripts can be directly run by TMS Scripter-enabled applications.

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