PKPASS File Extension

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What is the .PKPASS file type?

The .pkpass filename extension is associated with the Apple Passbook Pass (.pkpass) file type and special Passbook package format used to create and transmit electronic passes, digitally signed against tampering and forgery. Passbook is an Apple iOS application for using such digital passes on iOS devices such as iPhone.

The .pkpass file represents a single Passbook pass. It is a regular ZIP archive containing JSON dictionaries (pass.json, manifest.json), PNG bitmap images, and a detached signature. Each pass is signed by the issuing party using their Pass ID certificate. Usually distributed as e-mail attachments sent by airlines, event organizers, or vendors, such .pkpass files are commonly used as electronic boarding passes, admission tickets, or discount coupons intended to be used on Apple iOS devices. When opened in Passbook, the pass displays its unique barcode (QR-code) for scanning.

Besides Passbook, there are several Android programs claiming the ability to receive and process .pkpass files. On non-iOS systems, Passbook passes receive no special treatment and act as regular data files (ZIP archives) with the .pkpass extension.

Software to open or convert PKPASS files

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