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What is the .VID file type?

The .vid filename extension is an abbreviation of 'Video,' and in such capacity it is still conventionally used to denote generic video files. It is an old filename suffix, stemming from the MS-DOS era, during which it was assigned to MS-DOS video driver files.

VID is a generic file type most commonly applied to digital video files. It does not define or associate with any particular file format, although in the past it was quite common to use the .vid extension specifically for Xvid video files. Also, the .vid extension was used as a substitute for other video file extensions to make files playable in certain media players.

With all probability, a .vid file is a digital video file. Although sharing the same file type, different .vid files may well (and most probably, will) have different file formats.

Presently, the .vid extension most frequently occurs in video files produced by various CCTV and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) surveillance systems. As a rule, such .vid files are not readily playable with most general-purpose media players and often require either special codecs or proprietary player software.

Software to open or convert VID files

You can open VID files with the following programs:
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