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What is the .IFX file type?

The filename extension .ifx represents the file type Informed XML Data Document (.ifx). This file type is associated with the FileNet eForms Designer software, initially developed by FileNet Corporation and later by IBM. Focused on creation and processing of electronic forms, FileNet eForms Designer relies on Informed form templates (.itp, .itx) to provide building blocks for quick form authoring. An .ifx file is an electronic form document created from an Informed XML template (.itx) and saved as XML. It is a normal XML document that contains the actual data entered into a form, with the form's layout and controls defined in the associated XML template. Each IFX data document must refer to a specific XML template, with which it is linked. In addition to FileNet eForms Designer, other software of the FileNet eForms family (as part of eForms Workplace) can be used to open and process IFX data documents.

Besides, the .ifx extension is related to the IcoFX Icon/Cursor Image (.ifx) file type that belongs to IcoFX, a paid full-featured icon and cursor image editor for Microsoft Windows by IcoFX Software. To take advantage of multi-layer layout and other advanced image-editing features, IcoFX saves all graphic projects using its own file format (.ifx). An .ifx file is an icon or cursor design prepared in IcoFX that serves as a working project of the graphic image being designed. To be used elsewhere, the .ifx IcoFX project must be exported in one of the common icon/cursor formats.

The .ifx extension also denotes the Inforad Multi Countries Manager (.ifx) file type associated with INFORAD MANAGER. INFORAD MANAGER is a companion Microsoft Windows application used to access and set up the INFORAD GPS speed cam detection device sold in certain European countries. IFX files are used to store INFORAD configuration settings when the device is used in more than one country.

Software to open or convert IFX files

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