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What is the .VSP file type?

The primary role of the filename extension .vsp relates to the Corel VideoStudio Project (.vsp) file type introduced by the Corel VideoStudio software, a powerful commercial video editor developed by Corel Corporation. A .vsp file is a Corel VideoStudio project. It is the control file, linking all of the project's media clips, controlling the timeline edits and the application of effects and transitions, and remembering all project-level settings. VideoStudio projects are saved in VSP format, proprietary to Corel Corp. Like most project-type files, the .vsp files do not contain any actual multimedia data — all video and audio clips are referenced externally. For a .vsp project to open correctly, all of its linked resources must be available in their initial locations. Corel VideoStudio projects (.vsp) can be published directly from within the application using the Share feature, with the necessary conversion performed in the background. Corel VideoStudio automatically registers the .vsp file type and associates itself with it.

The .vsp extension additionally represents the Microsoft Visual Studio Profiling Data (.vsp) file type, used in the scope of the Microsoft Visual Studio commercial Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by Microsoft Corporation. The .vsp file contains profiling data generated by the integrated Visual Studio Profiling Tools during an application profiling session. Profiling data (.vsp) files serve to detect various performance-related issues in Visual Studio applications and provide the source data for performance reports (usually, .csv) generated by such tools as VSPerfReport.

Software to open or convert VSP files

You can open VSP files with the following programs:
Share64 by Corel Corporation
Setup by Corel Corporation
ICA by Corel Corporation
Share by Corel Corporation
VSClassic by Corel Corporation

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