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What is the .BOV file type?

The primary association of the .bov filename extension goes together with the VisIt Brick Of Values (.bov) file type/format, with reference to VisIt, an open-source tool for analyzing and visualizing scientific data, e.g. in nuclear research, genetics, etc. Among a number of different supported formats, VisIt introduced its own 'Brick Of Values/Variables' (BOV) format intended to accommodate large arrays of uniform data.

BOV is a two-part format, each 'brick' consisting of the .bov and .dat files. Within the 'brick,' the .bov file is the control file. It is a regular text file that defines data type and size, byte order, and other parameters for its companion bulk data (.dat) file, and lists commented, configurable visualization instructions.

Such "bricks of values" (.bov) can be processed by VisIt BOV Reader and visually rendered in VisIt. BOV/DAT datasets can also be processed in other software that uses the Visualization ToolKit (VTK) library.

Quite differently, the .bov extension also represents the Baofeng Storm 5 Video File (.bov) file type and format. Storm 5 is the name of a freeware Chinese-only all-in-one multimedia player developed by Beijing Baofeng Technology Co., Ltd. for their large Baofeng online multimedia hub. BOV is Baofeng's obscure proprietary format based upon the standard MPEG-2 container structures. The .bov file is a video file in the BOV format. In the compressed form, it may include several audio and video tracks as well as subtitles, DVD menu structures, etc. Such .bov files can be opened and played with Baofeng's Storm 5 player only. Storm 5 associates itself with the .bov file type during installation.

Software to open or convert BOV files

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