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What is the .FPL file type?

The main association of the .fpl filename extension goes together with the foobar2000 Playlist (.fpl) file type and format. foobar2000 is a versatile lightweight audio player for Microsoft Windows developed by the foobar2000 organization and released under its own freeware license. foobar2000 uses its own binary playlist format, optimized against the internal workings of the program for faster loading and processing of large playlists.

The .fpl file is a foobar2000 playlist. As the FPL format has been intentionally devised without support for user editing or compatibility with other software, such .fpl playlists can be created and are supposed to be opened in foobar2000 only. Although unpublished by the foobar2000 developers, the FPL format specification has been repeatedly reverse-engineered, resulting in several tools being independently developed for reading, editing, and converting .fpl playlists. Thanks to such tools, .fpl playlists can be directly used with other media players, besides foobar2000.

As an abbreviation for "flight plan," the .fpl extension is alternatively used in virtual aviation to denote flight plan files. Generated with a number of both online and standalone flight-plan preparation tools, such flight plans (.fpl) contain standard flight details as required by the aviation regulations (points of departure and destination, route, fuel consumption, aicraft type and equipment, pilot details, etc.). FPL flight plans can be used with several flight simulators (e.g., feelThere add-on aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator).

In web development, the .fpl extension is commonly used to denote server-side FastCGI scripts written in the Perl language. FastCGI is a performance-oriented extension of the Common Gateway Interface, CGI. Besides .fpl, other extensions (.fcg, .fcgi) are used to denote Perl and other FastCGI scripts. Any such .fpl (.fcg, .fcgi) file contains the source code of a Perl or other FastCGI script which can be viewed and modified in a text editor.

With reference to FrontDesigner 3.0, a paid Microsoft Windows application by ABACOM Electronics Software for designing front panels to self-made electronic devices, the .fpl extension denotes the FrontDesigner 3.0 Front Panel Project (.fpl) file type/format. Here, the .fpl file represents a FrontDesigner 3.0 front panel design project in a proprietary binary format. Such files can be opened in FrontDesigner 3.0 only.

Software to open or convert FPL files

You can open FPL files with the following programs:
UMPlayer [P4]
UMPlayer [P4] by Ori Rejwan
UMPlayer [Athlon]
UMPlayer [Athlon] by Ori Rejwan
Förderplaner by SR-Media

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