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What is the .WDD file type?

The .wdd filename extension primarily represents the WinDev/WebDev/WinDev Mobile Application Analysis Description (.wdd) file type. The WDD file type is used in PC SOFT's commercial Rapid Application Development (RAD) suite WinDev and its WebDev and WinDev Mobile branches to denote analysis files. In WinDev parlance, an analysis file represents a Logical Data Model (LDM) defining the structure and internal relationships of a WinDev/WebDev/WinDev Mobile project database. Generated against an WinDev/WebDev application's database using the WDMap tool, the WDD analysis file is saved in the same HFSQL (HyperFileSQL) format that is used for other WinDev/WebDev data files. The WDLog tool allows to use the obtained analysis (.wdd) files to extract and save all data associated with an WinDev/WebDev application from its HFSQL (HyperFileSQL) database.

Another entity associated with the .wdd extension is the AutoCAD Electrical Component Description (.wdd) file type. Such .wdd files are used in AutoCAD Electrical, a major CAD system for electrical engineering by Autodesk, to provide generic descriptions for circuit and installation components. The .wdd file is a regular ANSI text document with a list of description values that follow a simple syntax. Each description (.wdd) file applies to its specific tier in the project's structure (e.g., the family-level description file "ls.wdd" would apply to its limit switch family only). The most general descriptions are stored in the global-level file "wd_desc.wdd."

Standing for Windows Drawable Dictionary (WDD), the .wdd extension is also used to denote pedestrian model (.wdd) files in GrandTheftAuto (GTA) IV, a violence video game of the GTA series by Rockstar Games. In a proprietary format, each .wdd file contains the mesh data for one GTA IV pedestrian model. The .wdd format is very similar to the one used for weapons models (.wdr). Both formats (.wdd and .wdr) have been reverse-engineered, and there are unofficial tools to extract data from the .wdd/.wdr files and change it for modding purposes.

Besides, the .wdd extension was used to denote the ACTIVstudio Word Domino Activity (.wdd) file type/format, with reference to the now-deprecated ACTIVstudio educational software by Promethean Limited, later redesigned into ActivInspire. In ACTIVstudio, .wdd files were used to save educational activities of the Word Domino type in a proprietary file format.

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