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What is the .J2 file type?

The .j2 filename extension primarily denotes the JACL Interactive Fiction Game (.j2) file type, with reference to JACL. JACL (JACL Adventure Creation Language) is an interpreted programming language invented by Stuart Allen specifically for Interactive Fiction (IF), with IF referring to adventure games played completely in text form by reading messages and issuing action commands. JACL games are available as both .j2 and .jacl files. A .j2 file contains an encrypted version of a JACL game produced from its non-encrypted source code (.jacl). Non-encrypted JACL games can be directly opened and modified in a text editor, which does not apply to .j2 files. Both .j2 and .jacl game files are intended to be used with a JACL interpreter or an all-purpose interactive fiction reader/player such as Gargoyle. Collections of JACL games (.j2, .jacl) are made freely available by IF communities on the Internet.

The .j2 extension has also become conventional for Jinja2 template (.j2) files used in Ansible, an OpenSSH-based administration and automation system for IT environments from Red Hat, Inc. In Ansible, Jinja2 templates are extensively used for a number of tasks, with Jinja2 an open-source templating language for Python created by Armin Ronacher. A .j2 file is a text document containing the source code of an Ansible template written in the Jinja2 language. As such, it can be opened and directly edited in any text editor.

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