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What is the .5 file type?

Primarily, dotted single- and double-digit numbers appear as filename extensions in connection with the Versioned Pro/Engineer Project file type. Pro/Engineer is a vastly complex, robust and powerful parametric CAD tool by PTC for precision design, adopted as industry standard in a range of technology-dependent areas.

PTC's Pro/Engineer uses a system of versioned backup files, in which another versioned backup is created automatically every time a project is edited, before the changes are saved. Such versioned project backups are assigned incremental numerical extensions in addition to their existing filenames (e.g., "My_2-stroke_engine.asm.5"). Versioned projects are recognized and properly handled in Pro/Engineer.

On computers running MS Windows, it can often happen that trailing dotted filename portions (like ".5") actually become—or look like—filename extensions. This is partially due to the default MS Windows behavior of concealing extensions for all known file types (the "Hide extensions..." option in Windows Explorer).

With the actual extension hidden, it is easy to misinterpret a dotted portion of the filename for an extension. To avoid confusion and minimize security risks, the hide-extensions option should be always in the "off" state. If the actual extension is, in fact, missing, and the correct file type is known/guessed, the appropriate extension should be appended manually.

Lastly, on Unix-like operating systems (GNU/Linux and others) dotted numerical indexes like ".5" are often used in filenames of system/shared libraries and other system files as version indicators (e.g., "/lib/libbrlapi.so.0.5").

Software to open or convert 5 files

You can open 5 files with the following programs:
3D-Tool by 3D-Tool GmbH & Co. KG
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team

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