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What is the .WOW file type?

The WOW file extension is attributed to music module files created by the Grave Composer audio tracker (also known as "Mod's Grave"). Developed for the DOS-based PCs, Mod's Grave has been discontinued due to the appearance of modern multimedia applications employing better channel capacities and lossless compression algorithms.

The WOW file format represents a variation of the standard 8-channel MOD audio format used in the late 1980s on Amiga systems. These modules were aimed to simulate various sounds of musical instruments.

A file containing the .wow extension typically contains a set of audio samples and instructions specifying how and when these samples should be played. The information is arranged in a spreadsheet-like manner.

Despite the fact that the WOW file format has been displaced by modern audio formats, you can still find online archives containing a vast range of module files as well as applications capable of opening and playing "old-school" tracker music.

Software to open or convert WOW files

You can open WOW files with the following programs:
OpenMPT by OpenMPT Devs / Olivier Lapicque
ModPlug Player
ModPlug Player by Olivier Lapicque/MODPlug Central

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