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What is the .WBP file type?

As an abbreviation for 'Workbench Project,' the .wbp filename extension is primarily associated with the SignalExpress Project (.wbp) file type and format used in SignalExpress, National Instruments' proprietary signal analysis and virtual instrumentation (VI) software. Based on the earlier Workbench Express tool (hence the extension), SignalExpress saves its signal generation and analysis setups as project files (.wbp), using its own binary format. A collection of example WBP projects, located in the "Program Files\SignalExpress\Examples\Tutorial" folder, is included in the default SignalExpress installation.

The .wbp extension is also related to the legacy Webshots Image Collection (.wbp, .wbc) file type/format used by early versions (2.0 and older) of the Webshots Desktop wallpaper-changing software for Microsoft Windows. The legacy Webshots Desktop application used proprietary file formats to save images (.wb1, .wbd) and image collections (.wbc, .wbp). Here, the .wbp file is a single-file container holding multiple images and their descriptions. Such Webshots collection files (.wbc, .wbp) were saved in the "Program Files\Webshots\Collections" directory.

The latest Webshots Wallpaper and Screensaver client saves images in the standard JPEG format and does neither use, nor support the legacy .wbp or .wbc formats. One can extract images from leftover Webshots collections (.wbc, .wbp) using the open-source Ultimate Webshots Converter (UWC) tool.

In the scope of the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing and remote collaboration software from Blackboard Inc., the .wbp extension denotes the Protected Whiteboard File (.wbp) file type/format. In Blackboard Collaborate, the whiteboard is a special moderated space that can be used for presentations or direct interaction by writing and displaying images. If a whiteboard is 'protected' by a moderator, it is saved as a single .wbp file that can be opened in the same Blackboard Collaborate session only.

In web design, the .wbp extension is associated with the WebBuilder Page (.wbp) file type used by WebBuilder, a commercial content management system (CMS) from the Russian company Actis Wunderman. On WebBuilder-based sites, URL's often include filenames like "index.wbp" instead of the conventional "index.htm(l)" or "index.php." It is a pseudo-extension assigned to PHP or ASP.NET dynamic pages processed on the server's side by the WebBuilder CMS engine.

Software to open or convert WBP files

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