FLUXDVD File Extension

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What is the .FLUXDVD file type?

The filename extension .fluxdvd is associated with the proprietary, closed-source format of compressed DVD-Video images developed by FluxDVD (now, FlickRocket) on the basis of the earlier RatDVD (P.Jensen et al.). Just like RatDVD, FluxDVD serves to compress DVD-Video disks to roughly half their original size, while preserving all features of the original DVD. Aimed at commercial multimedia content owners and distributors, FluxDVD gained popularity as a means of selling DRM-protected DVD movies online.

The .fluxdvd file is a FluxDVD image of a commercial DVD-Video disk. The file itself is a large (one to two gigabytes) ZIP archive with a directory structure inside. Instead of the standard MPEG-2 .vob files, the actual content is stored in the .xvo files each of which is a multiplexed FluxDVD container. Unlike RatDVD which uses its own custom video codec (XEB), FluxDVD employs a variant of H.264 for video and AC-3 for audio. FluxDVD images (.fluxdvd) could be opened for playback using FluxDVD's proprietary software (no longer offered for downloading), or converted into regular DVD's using several third-party tools and methods.


Software to open or convert FLUXDVD files

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