APWZ File Extension

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What is the .APWZ file type?

Representing the Aspen Plus Compound Document (.apwz) file type, the .apwz filename extension is assigned to consolidated document files created in Aspen Plus. Aspen Plus is a commercial process management and simulation product for chemical engineering by Aspen Technology, Inc. An .apwz file is a compound Aspen Plus document, meaning that it contains more than one file. In fact, it is a regular ZIP archive with a different extension that packages a binary Aspen Plus document (.apw), along with its external resources that may include simulation backups (.bkp), Excel spreadsheets, input data files for heat exchange models, etc. Not all external resources are embedded by default in the .apwz file in the process of its creation in Aspen Plus; some are linked.

APWZ compound documents prove a convenient way to transfer Aspen Plus simulations, complete with their associated additional files in a single package. The contents of a compound document (.apwz) can be edited directly in Aspen Plus by using the Edit Compound File command in the File menu. Alternatively, being a ZIP archive, any .apwz file can be easily opened and extracted with any available archiver.


Software to open or convert APWZ files

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