WV File Extension

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What is the .WV file type?

The .wv extension belongs to the WavPack Audio (WV) file type and format. WavPack is an open (BSD license) cross-platform audio compression and decompression algorithm (codec), noted for its highly efficient compression ratio (30-70% of the original size, depending on the dynamic range), superb fidelity, hybrid encoding (lossy+lossless), and fast encoding/decoding. WavPack supports multiple channels (<255) and high sampling frequencies (up to 192 kHz).

A .wv file is a digital audio track compressed and encoded with the WavPack codec. Sometimes (when the hybrid mode was enabled at coding), a .wv file would have a companion .wvc (WavPack Correction) file. The .wv file itself is a highly compressed lossy version of an audio track, while adding the correction data from the .wvc file allows to restore the original sound completely. Lossy .wv files can be perfectly played back on their own.

WavPack audio files (.wv) are generally playable by all current media players on a range of platforms, with some players (like Windows Media Player) requiring an external WavPack codec.

Software to open or convert WV files

You can open WV files with the following programs: 

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