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What is the .WDS file type?

The filename extension .wds is primarily associated with the legacy WinDev/WebDev/WinDev Mobile Stylesheet (.wds) file type/format used by early versions (5.5 and other before version 9) of PC SOFT's rapid application development framework WinDev and its WebDev and WinDev Mobile derivatives. Created for each WinDev project (.wdp) along with several other auxiliary files, the .wds file would define the styles of graphical interface elements used in the WinDev application. In current WinDev/WebDev/WinDev Mobile versions, visual styles of the application's GUI components are defined by both the global and the project-specific style sheets (.sty). Such STY files used a different format and are not compatible with the legacy style sheets (WDS).

Alternatively, the .wds extension represents the Architecte 3D Scene (.wds) file type and format used by old versions of the Architecte 3D interior design software with 3D rendering capabilities by Micro Application. In Architecte 3D 2003 and earlier, the .wds file would represent a 3D interior design project. Since Architecte 3D 2004, such project files are saved in a different format and use a different extension (.acp).

Web Diashow, a freeware Microsoft Windows application by Benjamin Mussler Software (BMSEV) for authoring simple Flash-based slide shows, uses the .wds extension for its slide show projects. Each such .wds project file is a binary list of pathname references to all image and music files included in the slide show. Before such a slide show (.wds) can be used on a web site or displayed by a web browser, it must be produced by generating the appropriate Flash objects and HTML code, all saved into the "..\My Documents\Meine Web Diashow" folder by default.

In oceanography, the .wds extension is associated with the Nortek ADCP Wave Data File (.wds) file type and format used by Nortek's oceanographic software QuickWave and Storm. In a special binary format, the .wds file contains processed wave data obtained by conversion of the raw wave data feed received from Nortek's AWAC submersible wave gauges. The conversion is done using Nortek's QuickWave (CLI) or Storm (GUI) software. Besides these, such processed wave data files (.wds) can be opened or imported in other oceanographic programs (e.g., imos-toolbox for MATLAB).

Software to open or convert WDS files

You can open WDS files with the following programs:
Web Diashow
Web Diashow by Benjamin Mussler

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