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What is the .MEP file type?

The .mep extension is primarily associated with the Movavi Video Editor Project (MEP) file format and the .mep file type. Movavi Video Editor is a commercial application for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS by Movavi that allows to author 2D and 3D movies by capturing and editing video, adding transitions and effects, mixing soundtracks, etc.

All movie-authoring work in Movavi Video Editor is done within a project. For its project files, Movavi Video Editor uses the proprietary MEP format. A .mep file is a small binary file, representing a Movavi Video Editor project. No actual video or audio data are stored in MEP project files, as those only hold references to audio/video clips used on the track board as well as any effects or settings applied to them.

MEP files are not openable or "playable" with any other application. A common mistake is to publish .mep projects instead of properly exporting the production video into one of the standard formats (.avi, .mp4, etc.). In order to publish a movie made with a .mep project, the video must be produced and exported.

Alternatively, the .mep extension associates with the Total Station Points (MEP) file format/type. MEP is a proprietary binary format used by Autodesk Fabrication CADmep, a major MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) CAD system. MEP files store points data for total station devices (incl. robotic total stations, RTS) that are used for field markup of installation and fixture points for piping, ducts, connectors, etc. Autodesk MEP files can be read by Trimble, Topcon, Sokia, and other RTS devices.

With Multi-Edit, a versatile commercial programmer's and general-purpose text editor with many advanced functions by Multi Edit Software, the .mep extension is tied up with the Multi-Edit Project (.mep) file type. A .mep file is a Multi-Edit project that links together text and non-text resources, stores settings and preferences, etc. Multi-Edit .mep projects are managed by the Project Manager tool.

In 3D human body scanning, the .mep extension serves as a label for measurement extraction profiles (.mep) that define specific measurement areas and narrow down the scanning to such areas. A .mep profile sets criteria for extraction of 3D point-cloud data, depending on the measurement area. Such .mep profiles can be used together with the NX12 Body Scan software.

Lastly, the .mep extension is also bound up with the MetaEdit+ Patch (MEP) file type/format. MetaEdit+ is a commercial Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) suite by MetaCase that allows to create custom modeling languages and uses a system of patches (.mep) to provide feature and bugfix updates. A .mep file is a MetaEdit+ patch that can be loaded/unloaded dynamically on a per-session basis.

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