RVF File Extension

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What is the .RVF file type?

The .rvf file extension is primarily associated with the proprietary RichView format (RVF) used by default for saving documents in TRichView. Created by a group of international developers (Sergey Tkachenko, Paul Burton, Jesus Reyes A., Sergey Bodrov), TRichView is a rich text editing package including a combination of Delphi/C++Builder components allowing users to display, modify, and print hypertext documents and providing complicated text formatting and image embedding options. RVF documents can be saved as a text or binary file using TRichView's RVFOptions component.

A RVF file is a rich text document created and saved without losses using the TRichView suite or by applications created with TRichView components. Besides text data, such documents can also contain "enriching" elements - embedded objects and images, tables, bullets, footnotes and endnotes, hotspots, custom margins, style templates, etc. You can open a .rtf document for viewing and further editing or for converting it to more popular .rtf, .html, .pdf, and .docx file formats using TRichView.

In addition, the .rvf file extension can also represent old TNTmips project files created by the DOS versions (v.3.3 and earlier) of TNTmips, a comprehensive GIS and geospatial analysis software product by MicroImages, Inc. In this case, a RVF file is a raster/vector-formatted container storing user-defined geospatial data sets.

Software to open or convert RVF files

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