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What is the .XAP file type?

The primary association of the .xap extension belongs to the Microsoft Windows Phone Application Package (XAP) file format and type. Windows Phone is a proprietary operating system developed by Microsoft (MS) for its mobile devices, incl. hi-end Nokia Lumia smartphones. Windows Phone applications purchased and/or downloaded from the official Windows Phone Store are normally deployed via XAP packages.

A .xap file is a digitally-signed compressed archive (ZIP) that contains an application and its resources, including DLL libraries. One cannot normally install (deploy) a third-party XAP application onto a Windows Phone device, unless the archive was downloaded from the Store in association with a certain user account.

On a PC, XAP packages are handled by Zune, a content-management and synchronization application by MS. Apart from Zune, there are several known ways to install third-party Windows Phone software, however, most of such ways require a so-called 'jail-break' procedure to bypass DRM (may be considered illegal). On those Windows Phone devices that allow XAP deployment in the developer or student mode, one can legally deploy only two third-party or homebrew XAP applications.

Alternatively, the .xap extension also denotes the Microsoft (MS) Silverlight Application Package (XAP) file format/type. MS Silverlight is a proprietary rich content-delivery cross-platform technology that, similarly to Adobe Flash, provides media streaming and web application hosting capabilities for the Web.

A Silverlight package (.xap) is a compressed ZIP archive with a Silverlight application and its resources. XAP applications are served from Silverlight-enabled web servers, and Silverlight support (plugin) is required on the client side to view/run Silverlight content in a web browser.

Lastly, the .xap extension can be encountered in association with the Microsoft XACT Project (XAP) file type and format. XACT (Xbox Audio Cross Platform Tool) is a proprietary technology and content authoring environment for Xbox game consoles by Microsoft. In MS Windows, XACT support has been discontinued.

Software to open or convert XAP files

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