LPCM File Extension

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What is the .LPCM file type?

The .lpcm filename extension is associated with the Linear Pulse-Code Modulation (LPCM) sound encoding method and is conventionally assigned to LPCM-encoded digital audio files. A specific instance of the PCM encoding technique, LPCM is used for lossless audio encoding (e.g., in Audio CD). LPCM does not refer to or define any distinct file format, so the use of the .lpcm extension is purely arbitrary. The .lpcm extension by itself serves as a reference to the encoding method (LPCM) only and may be erroneously assigned to WAV or other files with LPCM-encoded data inside.

A typical .lpcm file contains raw and containerless LPCM-encoded audio data, often multi-channel. Such files are created by demultiplexing audio tracks or converting audio files for the purpose of multiplexing into standard containers like FLAC or other. Raw LPCM files, although possibly playable by some multimedia players and importable in some audio manipulation software (e.g., Audacity) via multi-format libraries like vgmstream, are not generally intended to be used as end-user music files.


Software to open or convert LPCM files

You can open LPCM files with the following programs:
The KMPlayer
The KMPlayer by PandoraTV
iTunes by Apple Inc.
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
foobar2000 by Peter Pawlowski

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