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What is the .GSP file type?

The .gsp filename extension has its primary association with the file format Geometer's Sketchpad Document and its related GSP file type. A popular commercial interactive-classroom application by McGraw-Hill Education, Geometer's Sketchpad enables visualization of mathematical concepts, geometric theorems and problems, along with their proofs and solutions. Sketchpad uses the proprietary binary GSP format to store its projects as .gsp files.

A .gsp file is a small binary file that represents a Sketchpad project, a visual presentation of geometric shapes, textual data with animation support. GSP projects can be opened, edited, and saved with Geometer's Sketchpad only.

Mathematics and geometry lesson materials in the form of GSP files are available on the Sketch Exchange online service, and many educational resources publish their materials related to the teaching of mathematics in the GSP format.

Differently, the .gsp extension has another association with the Groovy Server Pages (GSP) file type. Groovy is the name of a programming language used in web development to create web pages with dynamically generated content. Similar to Java Server Pages (JSP), GSP uses tagged code inserts in native HTML pages, with such inserts processed by the web server, generating valid HTML content instead.

A .gsp file is a text file with the source code of an HTML web page, containing GSP inserts, accordingly tagged for parsing and execution. GSP files are often referred to as 'views' and commonly used with the Grails web application development framework. GSP files can be and are normally edited with a text editor.

Apart from that, the .gsp extension also belongs to the Tascam GigaStudio Performance (GSP) file type and format. GigaStudio is a discontinued digital musical studio application by TASCAM (TEAC), a provider of professional-quality audio hardware and software products. A .gsp file is a GigaStudio performance file, containing all musical instrument assignments, position and state of various adjustment controls, settings and preferences—a snapshot of the entire GigaStudio environment that can be restored by loading the .gsp file.

Finally, the .gsp extension is also tied up with the Goalscape Project (GSP) file format/type. A commercial goal management software, available in both desktop (MS Windows/Mac OS) and online versions, Goalscape uses GSP files to save goal data locally. A .gsp file is a Goalscape project that can be opened and used with both desktop and online Goalscape versions.

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