XDNA File Extension

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What is the .XDNA file type?

The .xdna extension serves to denote DNA sequence files in the DNA Strider format. Since 1988, DNA Strider is by far the oldest and most widely known and used Macintosh-only program for DNA sequence analysis in molecular biology. A DNA sequence is a symbolic representation of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) chains, making up a unique fingerprint (and blueprint) of a living organism.

DNA Strider used a proprietary format to save DNA sequences along with additional data as .xdna files. Thanks to the immense popularity DNA Strider acquired in the academia, the XDNA file format still remains one of the most widely used, besides several open formats like FASTA.

An .xdna file is a DNA sequence in the DNA Strider format. Apart from DNA Strider itself, such XDNA files can be read and written by a range of freeware and commercial tools (e.g., Serial Cloner) on different platforms (mainly, PC/Mac). There are also tools to convert the traditionally Macintosh-only .xdna files to other DNA-sequence formats.

Software to open or convert XDNA files

You can open XDNA files with the following programs:
Serial Cloner
Serial Cloner by SerialBasics
SnapGene Viewer
SnapGene Viewer by GSL Biotech LLC
SnapGene by GSL Biotech LLC

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