OGV File Extension

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What is the .OGV file type?

Belonging to the Ogg container format, the .ogv extension is specifically associated with the Ogg Video (OGV) file type. Ogg is an open and free multimedia container format, well suited for streaming by design. Ogg is developed and promoted by Xiph.org, with its support base steadily growing.

An .ogv file is a digital video file, with or without an audio track. Internally, the file is an Ogg container that can house several video and audio streams. Although Ogg, as a general container framework, can house multiplexed audio and video tracks encoded with almost any codecs, it was designed to be primarily used together with the free/open Xiph.org codecs, such as Theora, Dirac (video), or Vorbis (audio).

OGV video files can be opened, played, and manipulated with a number of all-purpose media players, provided all necessary Xiph.org codecs are installed or supplied by the player (like VLC). Playback of multiplexed OGV video files may require a stream splitter.

OGV video files embedded into HTML5 web pages via the <video> tag can be directly played by most web browsers, using the HTML5 video player.

Software to open or convert OGV files

You can open OGV files with the following programs: 

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