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What is the .DFT file type?

The file type primarily associated with the .dft filename extension is the Solid Edge Draft Document (.dft). Files of this type are created and used by Solid Edge (e.g., Solid Edge ST8), a full-fledged commercial 3D computer-aided design (CAD) system with integrated project management from Siemens PLM Software. Solid Edge drawing projects are saved as .dft ('draft') files in Siemens PLM Software's proprietary format. Each .dft file is a single Solid Edge two-dimensional technical drawing of a part or assembly, including those obtained by projecting 3D parts. Such .dft files can be natively opened, modified, and re-saved using Solid Edge. In Solid Edge, any drawing (.dft) can be additionally exported to several other formats like PDF for publishing or sharing. Besides, a free Microsoft Windows-only tool named Solid Edge 2D Drafting is provided by Siemens PLM Software to open/edit/save .dft files. This tool is limited to flat (2D) drawings only.

Another file type denoted with the .dft extension is the Arena Input Analyzer Document (.dft) file type, used by the Input Analyzer tool within the Arena simulation software by Rockwell Automation. Here, the .dft file is an Input Analyzer data set that contains the imported initial data along with its statistical summary. Saved by the Input Analyzer, such data sets (.dft) are used to analyze the data against one or more of the common statistical distributions.

Additionally, the .dft extension occurs in association with the eJiuce Me Up Default Recipe (.dft) file type. eJiuce Me Up by BreakTru Software is a free-to-use e-cigarette (e-liquid) recipe calculator that allows to prepare custom e-liquid recipes as well as save and load them. eJiuce Me Up uses the "Default.dft" and other .dft files as the source of default recipes. Any such .dft file is a regular text file, with parameter values listed one per line.

Software to open or convert DFT files

You can open DFT files with the following programs:
Arena by Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Draft IT
Draft IT by CADlogic Limited

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